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Welcome! This page contains the Bible Study Lesson Archives for the Oaks Early Risers Class. As each new lesson is added on this site, it is dated (by lesson date in descending order).

NOTE: Normally the titles that have the color yellow or green are "links" to information. All other words are just descriptions.

These lessons use an Acrobat format. To access, click on the desired lesson title. Note however, you may need to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To see the Lesson Scriptures online, use the Web lookup using Bible Gateway services. Just click on the Scripture Passage beside the Lesson desired. This will provide a foundation of what the lesson will contain.

For most Series I will be providing the "Reference Commenary" from another author's thoughts on the Scriptural Text of the Series. Look for the "yellow" words of ""Reference Commenary" to find this additional commentary, usually at the Introduction or Overview of the Series

I always try to follow God's lead in use of Scriptures, but please "test the spirits to see whether they are from God" (1 John 4:1) and please be like the Bereans (Acts 17:10-11) to ensure you agree with these lessons.

Lesson TitleScriptureLesson Date
Give Glory To GodLuke 2:8-20
Reference Commentary
Make a Joyful NoisePs 95:1-7
Reference Commentary
Worship God's SonHeb 1:1-9
Reference Commentary
Good News Brings RejoicingIsaiah 52:1-12
Reference Commentary
Transformed InheritanceEzekiel 47:13-23
Reference Commentary
A Transforming StreamEzekiel 47:1-12
Reference Commentary
God's Glory Fills the Temple Pt 2Ezekiel 43:1-12
Reference Commentary
God's Glory Fills the Temple Pt 1Ezekiel 43:1-12
Reference Commentary
Hope SatisfiesJob 42:1-10
Reference Commentary
My Redeemer LivesJob 19:1-7, 23-29
Reference Commentary
Rejoice AnywayHabakkuk 2:1-5; 3:17-19
Reference Commentary
Future Peace and JoyJer 33:1-11
Reference Commentary
A New FutureJer 32:1-15
Reference Commentary
Hope for the Future

Chart: Fall Quarter
Jer 31:31-37
Reference Commentary
Sacrificial, Joyful Giving2 Cor 8:1-14
Reference Commentary
An Appeal For Reconciliation2 Cor 6:1-13; 7:1-4
Reference Commentary
Treasure In Clay Jars - Continued2 Cor 4:1-15
Reference Commentary
Treasure In Clay Jars2 Cor 4:1-15
Reference Commentary
Forgiveness and Restoration2 Cor 1:23-2:11
Reference Commentary
Comfort in Times of Trouble2 Cor 1:3-11
Reference Commentary
Overcoming Temptation1 Cor 10:12-22
Reference Commentary
Love Builds Up1 Cor 8:1-13
Reference Commentary
Glorify God With Your Body1 Cor 6:12-20
Reference Commentary
A Call To Unity1 Cor 1:10-17
Reference Commentary
Hope for a New DayHag 2:20-23; Zech 4:5-14
Reference Commentary
Live Pure LivesHaggai 2:10-19
Reference Commentary
Trust God's PromisesHaggai 1:12-15; 2:1-9
Reference Commentary
Obey The LordHaggai 1:1-11
Reference Commentary
The Time Has Come
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
John 17:105/25/14
The Consummation: The King Returns to Live with His People1 Thess 1:8-10; 2 Thess 2:1-4; Jude 20-23; Rev 21:1-805/18/14
Perseverance: The King Preserves His People1 Peter 1:3-9; 2 Peter 3:8-13; 1 John 2:15-1905/11/14
Following: The King Shepherds His People1 Tim 4:11-16; 2 Tim 4:1-8; Titus 2:11-1405/04/14
Justification: The King Declares Guilty People RighteousRom 5:12-21; 8:1-2; Heb 9:11-1404/27/14
The Resurrection of the KingLuke 24:1-1204/20/14
Our Unity: United in Truth, Clothed in GraceEph 4:1-6; Phil 2:1-4; Philemon 15-1804/13/14
Our Mission: The Mission, the Message, and the MessengerActs 1:4-8; 1 Cor 1:18-25; 2 Cor 5:14-2104/06/14
Our Identity: The Grace-Shaped Family of God Acts 15:1-5; Gal 2:15-21; James 2:18-26 03/30/14
Pentecost: God Indwells His Covenant PeopleActs 2:1-4, 2:22-36, 2:37-4203/23/14
The Resurrection: The Resurrection and Exaltation of King JesusLuke 24:1-8; 36-49; 50-5303/02/14
The Cross: The Kingís Identity as Suffering MessiahMatt 16:13-16,21-24; Matt 26:26-29; Matt 27:45-5002/23/14
Jesusí Miracles: The Power of the KingdomMark 1:29-34; Luke 7:18-23; John 6:1-1402/16/14
Jesusí Teaching: The Teaching of the KingdomMatt 7:28-29; Mark 1:14-15; Luke 4:16-21; 8:4-802/09/14
The Incarnation: The Coming of the Messiah-KingJohn 1:1-1802/02/14
The Return: Further Deliverance AwaitedEzra 3:10-13; Zech 8:1-8; Mal 4:4-601/26/14
The Exile: God Prepares His People for DeliveranceDaniel 1:8-17; Ezekiel 37:1-1401/19/14
Judah: The Decline and Fall of the Southern Kingdom

Chart: Kings of Israel and Judah
Isa 6:8-13; Jer 31:31-34; Joel 2:12-13; 2 Chron 36:15-2101/12/14
Israel: The Decline and Fall of the Northern Kingdom

Chart: Chronoloby of Israel's Kings and Prophets
1 Kings 18:20-39; 2 Kings 17:6-1801/05/14
No ClassIce & Holidays12/08/13 - 12/29/13
Love Commandment (Holidays)
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
John 13:34-3512/01/13
Wisdom: Its Role in the Lives of Godís PeopleProv 1:7; Song of Songs 6:3; Job 1:20-21; Eccl 12:13-1411/24/13
Psalms: Songs for New Creation HeartsPsalm 1, 51:1-5, 100, 11011/17/13
The Kings: God Raises Up Kings to Lead His People2 Samuel 7:11-16, 18-24; 1 Kings 8:54-6111/10/13
The Land: Godís Place for His Covenant PeopleJoshua 1:1-9; Judges 2:11-19; Ruth 4:14-1711/03/13
The Law: God Gives the House RulesExodus 34:1-9; Lev 19:1-2; Deut 6:4-5; Num 14:11-1910/27/13
The Exodus: God Comes to the RescueExodus 6:2-9; 12:5-13; 14:10-1410/20/13
Abrahamís Covenant: The Call of a Covenant-Keeping GodGenesis 12:1-4; 15:1-6; 17:1-1410/13/13
The Fall: Paradise Lost and the AftermathGen 3:1-7; 6:11-14,17-18; 11:1-710/06/13
Creation: The Story BeginsGen 1:1-5; 1:26Ė2:3; 2:18-2509/29/13
Listening Together to the Voice of GodNeh 8:1-12; Acts 2:4209/22/13
Understanding: Understanding How God SpeaksGen 30:1-6; Prov 22:6;26:4-5; Joel 2:28-32; Gal 1:1-709/15/13
Submitting: Submitting to the God Who Speaks2 Kings 22:3-20; Hebrews 4:12-1309/08/13
Trusting: Trusting the God Who SpeaksActs 7:2-16; Acts 7:44-51; Acts 7:52-6009/01/13
Jesus: The Faithful Servant Who Submits to Godís WordMark 14:32-36; Phil 2:5-11; Heb 1:1-408/25/13
Jesus: The Faithful Teacher Who Explains and Fulfills Godís WordMatt 5:17; Matt 5:21-22,27-28; Matt 5:43-4808/18/13
Jesus: Faithful Son Who Obeys Godís WordLuke 3:21-22; Luke 4:1-13; Luke 4:40-4108/11/13
Numb to the WordRom 6:23; Eph 2:1-2; Isa 64:6; Rom 3:10-1208/04/13
Godís Law for LifeExodus 20:1-1707/28/13
The Principles of Light & Darkness
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Genesis 1:307/21/13
In God We Trust?Genesis 3:1-607/14/13
God is Not Mute2 Tim 3:16-17; Ps 19:7-11; Luke 24:25-2707/07/13
God is Not HidingPs 19:1-6; Rom 1:20; Acts 14:15-1706/30/13
The God Who SpeaksGen 1:1-3; Exod 3:2-6; Gen 1:27-3006/23/13
Review/Summary of NehemiahReview of Nehemiah06/16/13
The Problem of Permissiveness Neh 13:1-31
Reference Commentary
You're In The Ministry NowNeh 11:1-12:47
Reference Commentary
Putting God's Truth into PracticeNeh 10:1-39
Reference Commentary
Ongoing RepentanceNeh 9:1-38
Reference Commentary
Spiritual RenewalNeh 8:1-18
Reference Commentary
Counting For GodNeh 7:1-73
Reference Commentary
Resisting Satan's SchemesNeh 6:1-19
Reference Commentary
Resolving Conflicts WithinNeh 5:1-19
Reference Commentary
Responding to OppositionNeh 4:1-23
Reference Commentary
How Do You Live Your Dash
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
The Lord LivesLuke 24:13-21, 28-35
Reference Commentary
We WonNeh 3:1-32
Reference Commentary
The Realities of Serving GodNeh 2:1-20
Reference Commentary
The Man Who Cried About a Wall Neh 1:1-11
Reference Commentary
Introduction to NehemiahOverview of Nehemiah
570BC - 450BC Timeline
470BC - 350BC Timeline
Disciplined for LifeCol 4:1-1702/24/13
Clothed With ChristCol 3:5-1702/17/13
Raised With ChristCol 2:6-1502/10/13
Focused Solely on Christ
    Reference Commentary 1:15-18
Col 1:12-2302/03/13
Introduction to ColossiansOverview of Colossians01/27/13
Review/Summary of 1 ThessReview of 1 Thess01/20/13
Call to Commitment1 Thess 5:12-2801/13/13
Committed to God's Plan of Salvation1 Thess 5:1-1101/06/13
Our Hope In The Birth of Our Lord
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Isa 9:1-712/16/12
Christís Presence-Be of Good Cheer
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Mark 6:45-5212/09/12
Committed to a Living Hope
    Reference Commentary 4:13-18
1 Thess 4:13-1812/02/12
Committed to a Godly Life1 Thess 4:1-1211/25/12
Committed to Sustained Faith1 Thess 3:1-1311/18/12
Committed to Living God's Word
    Reference Commentary 2:1-16
1 Thess 2:13-2011/11/12
Committed to Being Pleasing to God1 Thess 2:1-1211/04/12
Committed to Being Available1 Thess 1:1-1010/28/12
Introduction to Study of 1 ThessOverview of 1 Thess10/21/12
Healing and Salvation
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Luke 8:40-4410/14/12
Be of Good Cheer
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Mark 6:45-5110/07/12
Review/Summary of JamesReview of James09/30/12
Faith and Prayer
    Reference Commentary 5:13-16
    Reference Commentary 5:16-18
James 5:12-2009/23/12
Patient Faith
    Reference Commentary 5:7-9
    Reference Commentary 5:10-11
James 5:7-1109/16/12
Faith and Money
    Reference Commentary 5:1-6
James 5:1-609/09/12
Godly BehaviorJames 4:1-1709/02/12
Faith and WisdomJames 3:13-1808/26/12
Faith and Controlling Our TongueJames 3:1-1208/19/12
Saving Faith
    Reference Commentary 2:14-19
    Reference Commentary 2:20-26
James 2:18-2608/12/12
Faith and ActionsJames 2:14-1708/05/12
Faith and ImpartialityJames 2:1-1307/29/12
Faith and Godís WordJames 1:18-2707/22/12
Trials and TemptationsJames 1:1-1707/15/12
Introduction to Study of JamesOverview of James07/08/12
Review/Summary of JobReview of Job07/01/12
Confession and PrayerJob 4206/24/12
Confession and God's AnswersJob 40-4106/17/12
God's ResponsesJob 38-3906/10/12
Elihu SpeechesJob 32-3706/03/12
Sufferings Controversy Part 2Job 4-3105/27/12
Sufferings Controversy Part 1Job 4-3105/20/12
Job's Complaint
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Job 305/13/12
Job's Suffering & Arrival of FriendsJob 205/06/12
Job & the Heavenly Discussion Part 2Job 1:1-2204/29/12
Job and the Heavenly DiscussionJob 1:1-2204/22/12
Introduction to Study of JobOverview of Job04/15/12
The Resurrection, Hope, and People Today
DVD of ďBehind the Easter Story"
Parables of Jesus - Part 2
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Parables of Jesus - Part 1
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Review/Summary of MatthewReview of Matthew03/18/12
Anointed in BethanyMatt 26:6-1303/11/12
Witnessed by DisciplesMatt 17:1-1203/04/12
Declared by PeterMatt 16:13-2702/26/12
Recognized by a Canaanite WomanMatt 15:21-2802/19/12
Revealed In RejectionMatt 13:54-5802/12/12
Declared in Prayer - Pt 2Matt 11:25-3002/05/12
Declared in Prayer - Pt 1Matt 11:25-3001/29/12
Acts of HealingMatt 9:27-34; 11:2-601/22/12
Strengthened in TemptationMatt 4:1-1101/15/12
Confirming Messiah's BirthMatt 2:7-2312/18/11
Emmanuelís BirthMatt 1:18-2512/11/11
The Linage of JesusMatt 1:1-17
Ruth 4:13-17
How To Be ThankfulCol 3:15-1711/27/11
What is Thanksgiving1 Thess 5:1811/20/11
Knowing God's Will For My Life-Part 2
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Eph 5:1711/13/11
Knowing God's Will For My Life-Part 1
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Eph 5:1711/06/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way
Enjoy What God Has Given You

Copyrighted - email me for copies
Eccl 5:1910/30/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way
God's Solution to Debt

Copyrighted - email me for copies
Rom 13:810/23/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way
Saving and Investing

Copyrighted - email me for copies
Matt 25:20-2110/16/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way
Giving as an Act of Worship

Copyrighted - email me for copies
Acts 20:3510/09/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way
Plan Your Spending

Copyrighted - email me for copies
Prov 21:510/02/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way
Dedicate It All To God

Copyrighted - email me for copies
1 Chron 29:11-1209/25/11
Managing Our Finances God's Way

Copyrighted - email me for copies
1 Tim 6:18-1909/18/11
Three Crosses
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Luke 23:39-4309/11/11
Review/Summary of TitusReview of Titus09/04/11
Final Instructions to TitusTitus 3:9-15
Reference Commentary
Instructions to Live as Good CitizensTitus 3:1-8
Reference Commentary
Foundation and Motivation for Godly BehaviorTitus 2:11-15
Reference Commentary
Instuctions Concerning Various GroupsTitus 2:1-10
Reference Commentary
Instuctions Concerning False Teachers
Taught by Bro. Jose Cisneros
Titus 1:10-16
Reference Commentary
Instuctions Concerning EldersTitus 1:5-9
Reference Commentary
Introductory Greeting to TitusTitus 1:1-4
Reference Commentary
Introduction to Study of TitusOverview of Titus
Reference Commentary
Review/Summary of EzraReview of Ezra07/03/11
Genuine Repentance
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 10:1-4406/26/11
The Godly Reaction to Sin
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 9:1-1506/19/11
The Work That God Blesses
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 8:1-3606/12/11
The Life That God Blesses
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 7:1-2806/05/11
God, The Cause of Our Joy
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 6:1-2205/29/11
Overcoming Discouragement
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 5:1-1705/22/11
Spiritual Setbacks
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 4:1-2405/15/11
A New Beginning with God
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 3:1-1305/08/11
Lessons From A List
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 2:1-7005/01/11
Evidences of the Resurrection
    Reference Commentary
Matt 28:1-804/24/11
God's Way of Renewal
    Reference Commentary
Ezra 1:1-11
570BC - 450BC Timeline
470BC - 350BC Timeline
Introduction to Study of EzraOverview of Ezra04/10/11
Review/Summary of 1 Corinthians1 Cor 6:13-1404/03/11
No Hope Without This1 Cor 15:3-5703/27/11
Faith Without Works is Dead
Taught by Intern Devin Rossbach-Rawls
James 2:14-2603/20/11
Does God Really Care?
Taught by Intern Steven Myers
John 11:1-4603/13/11
First Place to Proclamation
Taught by Bro. Bill White
1 Cor 14:1-2903/06/11
The Greatest Way to Live1 Cor 13:1-1302/27/11
Are You Gifted?
Spiritual Gifts Survey: Click Here
1 Cor 12:4-3102/20/11
Is It The Lord's Supper?1 Cor 11:17-3402/13/11
What Our Worship Says About Us1 Cor 11:2-1602/06/11
Life's Grey Areas1 Cor 8:1-13; 9:19-26; 10:14-3301/30/11
Marriage and Singleness1 Cor 7:1-17; 25-3501/23/11
Christians in an Immoral World1 Cor 5:1-13; 6:9-2001/16/11
Following Servant Leadership1 Cor 4:1-1401/09/11
Becoming Spiritually Mature1 Cor 2:14-3:1501/02/11
Remember the Cross
Taught by Bro. Bill White
1 Cor 1:18-2:212/19/10
Why Can't You People Get Along?1 Cor 1:1-1712/12/10
Introduction to Study of 1 CorinthiansOverview of 1 Cor12/05/10
Expectation of ThanksgivingLuke 17:12-1911/21/10
Review/Summary of Essential Truth
Knowing Christ Personnally
Review of Study11/14/10
Session 13: What is This Thing Called Grace?Eph 2:1-1011/07/10
Session 12: How Does the Holy Spirit Help Me?Acts 2:1-1310/31/10
Session 11: What Makes Life Meaningful?
Taught by Bro. Don Smarto
Luke 9:23-2710/24/10
Session 10: How Do I Deal with Temptation?Gen 3:1-810/17/10
Session 9: How Do I Keep it Real in a Phony World?Luke 11:37-5410/10/10
Session 8: Why Can't I Be a Lone Ranger Christian?Acts 2:42-4710/03/10
Session 7: What Happens When Someone Dies?John 11:17-4409/26/10
Session 6: How Can I Be Forgiven?John 3:1-1709/19/10
Session 5: Who is Jesus?Matt 16:13-2009/12/10
Session 4: Why is the Bible so Important?Matt 4:1-1109/05/10
Session 3: What Does God Expect of Me?Mark 12:28-3408/29/10
Session 2: God Wants to Talk to Me?Isaiah 6:1-1008/15/10
Session 1: Who is God?
    List - Names of God
Exodus 3:1-1508/08/10
Introduction to Essential Truth
Knowing Christ Personnally
Overview of Study08/01/10
Review/Summary of EcclesiastesEccl 12:1307/11/10
Final ExamEccl 11 and 1207/04/10
Transformed Lifestyle
Combined Class with Alfred Bell
1 Thess 1:1-606/27/10
Live Wisely - Part 2Eccl 9 and 1006/20/10
Live WiselyEccl 9 and 1006/13/10
Free Will
Taught by Bro. Don Smarto
PerspectivesEccl 7 and 805/30/10
SatisfactionEccl 5 and 605/23/10
Expectations and ChoicesEccl 3 and 405/16/10
Trival PursuitsEccl 1 and 205/09/10
Intro to Study of EcclesiastesOverview of Eccl
Reference Commentary
Building Up the FaithJude 1:17-2504/25/10
Corruptors of the FaithJude 1:4-1604/18/10
Contending for the FaithJude 1:304/11/10
The Reality of the Risen ChristJohn 20:11-1604/04/10
Review and Summary of PhilemonReview of Philemon
Reference Commentary
Be ForgivingPhilemon 1:10-2103/21/10
Be LovingPhilemon 1:1-903/14/10
Part 4: By Jesus Only
Taught by Bro. Don Smarto
Series: Key Faith Issues03/07/10
Part 3: By Scripture Alone
Taught by Bro. Don Smarto
Series: Key Faith Issues02/28/10
Part 2: By Faith Alone
Taught by Bro. Don Smarto
Series: Key Faith Issues02/21/10
Part 1: Heirs of the Reformation
Taught by Bro. Don Smarto
Series: Key Faith Issues02/14/10
Review and Summary of HaggaiReview of Haggai
Reference Commentary
ConsumationHaggai 2:20-2301/31/10
CleanlinessHaggai 2:10-1901/24/10
CourageHaggai 2:1-901/17/10
ConvictionHaggai 1:1-1501/10/10
Intro to Study of HaggaiOverview of Haggai
Reference Commentary
Called to be a VesselLuke 1:26-3812/20/09
Christmas Faith
    Reference Commentary
Matt 1:18-2:2312/13/09
Who is Jesus
Taught by Bro. Bill White
Matt 16:13-1712/06/09
Review and Summary of EphesiansReview of Ephesians
Reference Commentary
Glory of God: In VictoryEph 6:10-2411/22/09
Glory of God: In SubmissionEph 6:1-911/15/09
Glory of God: Living as LightsEph 5:1-2111/08/09
Glory of God: Putting Off Old SelfEph 4:17-3211/01/09
Glory of God: Empowering ConductEph 4:1-1610/11/09
Glory of God: In RevelationEph 3:1-2110/04/09
Glory of God: Providing Grace Pt 2Eph 2:11-2209/27/09
Glory of God: Providing Grace Pt 1Eph 2:1-1009/20/09
Glory of God: Providing HopeEph 1:15-2309/13/09
Glory of God: In ChristEph 1:1-1409/06/09
Intro to Study of EphesiansOverview of Ephesians
Reference Commentary
Resurrection:Past, Present & Future
Taught by Bro. Bill White
1 Cor 15:29-5808/16/09
Review and Summary of 2 Timothy
    Reference Commentary
Review of 2 Timothy08/09/09
Perseverance in God's Word2 Tim 4:1-808/02/09
Perseverance in Following2 Tim 3:10-1707/26/09
Perseverance in Character2 Tim 2:14-2607/19/09
Perseverance in Christian Work2 Tim 2:1-1307/12/09
Perseverance in Christian Heritage2 Tim 1:1-1806/28/09
Intro to Study of 2 TimothyOverview of 2 Timothy
Reference Commentary
Review and Summary of 1 Timothy
    Reference Commentary
1 Tim 6:1-2105/31/09
Need for Respect1 Tim 5:1-2505/17/09
Guidance for Teaching1 Tim 4:1-1605/03/09
Call for Godly Leaders - Part 21 Tim 3:1-1604/26/09
Call for Godly Leaders - Part 11 Tim 3:1-704/19/09
Leadership in the Family1 Tim 2:9-1503/29/09
Need for Prayer1 Tim 2:1-803/22/09
Finding Strength to Serve1 Tim 1:1-2003/15/09
Intro to Study of 1 Timothy
    Commentary on Leadership
Overview of 1 Timothy
Reference Commentary
Prayer - Review and Summary
    Reference Commentary
Ps 11903/01/09
Effective Prayer - Part 21 Sam 3:1-1002/15/09
Effective Prayer - Part 1
    Reference Commentary
Matt 6:9-1302/08/09
Understanding Prayer
    Reference Commentary
Matt 6:5-8; Luke 11:1-1301/11/09
Making New Year's ResolutionsExodus 20:3-17;
    2 Peter 1:5-8
The True Meaning of ChristmasLuke 2:1-2012/21/08
Review and Summary of HabakkukHabakkuk 2:412/07/08
Living in FaithHabakkuk 3:1-1911/23/08
Faith through Listening to GodHabakkuk 2:1-2011/16/08
Faith in a Just GodHabakkuk 1:1-1711/09/08
Intro to the Study of HabakkukOverview of Habakkuk
Reference Commentary
Review and Summary Part 2Romans 16:25-2710/12/08
Review and Summary Part 1Romans 16:25-2710/05/08
Do not Judge One AnotherRomans 14:1-13; 15:5-609/28/08
Be a Responsible Citizens - Part 2Romans 13:1-1409/21/08
Be a Responsible Citizens - Part 1Romans 13:1-1409/14/08
Marks of a ChristianRomans 12:1-2, 9-2109/07/08
Salvation in ChristRomans 10:5-1708/31/08
Life in the SpiritRomans 8:1-1608/24/08
Victory in JesusRomans 6:1-1408/17/08
Justified by Faith - Part 2Romans 5:1-2108/10/08
Justified by Faith - Part 1Romans 5:1-2108/03/08
God's Promises of RighteousnessRomans 4:2-2507/27/08
God's Judgment is JustRomans 2:1-1607/20/08
All Have SinnedRomans 1:16-20; 3:9-2007/13/08
Introduction to the Study of RomansOverview of Romans
Reference Commentary
Miracles in John's Gospel Part 2
Taught by Bro. Bill White
John 6:1-15; 6:16-21;
    9:1-10:39; 11:1-53
Miracles in John's Gospel Part 1
Taught by Bro. Bill White
John 2:1-11; 4:46-54;
Walking in the Spirit Part 2Gal 5:22-6:1006/15/08
Walking in the Spirit Part 1Gal 5:22-6:1006/08/08
Christian FreedomGal 5:1-1506/01/08
Purpose of the Law Part 2Gal 3:19-29; 4:4-705/25/08
Purpose of the Law Part 1Gal 3:19-29; 4:4-705/18/08
Mary: A Mother's Character
Taught by Bro. Bill White
Luke 1:26-3805/11/08
Salvation by FaithGal 2:15-3:505/04/08
Believe No Other GospelGal 1:1-1204/27/08

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