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Sunday School Lessons using God's Living Word
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1 Peter 1:23 for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, {that is} through the living and enduring word of God. (NASU)

This site contains Sunday School Lessons using the "Uniform or Standard Lesson Curriculum". As each new lesson is added on this site, it is dated (by lesson date in descending order) so you can easily track what's new since your last visit!
There are three versions of most lessons:

  1. An HTML version - click on underlined "Lesson Title"
  2. A "zipped" MS Word document that can be downloaded to your PC for archive and printing. To access, click on the underlined word "download". NOTE: Zipped files require additional software.
  3. An Acrobat version of the lesson under the heading "PDF" (I personally think it is a better version to print directly from the Web than the HTML version). To access, click on the underlined PDF tag. Note however, you may need to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.
To see the Lesson Scriptures online, use the Web lookup using Bible Gateway services. Just click on the yellow underlined Scripture Passage beside the Lesson desired. This will provide background Scripture of the lesson.
There is also a link to an additional Commentary, usually on the lesson's Scriptural passage by another author. I have selected these links, but do not necessarily endorse or agree with "everything" written or expressed. Please "test the spirits to see whether they are from God" (1 John 4:1) and please be like the Bereans (Acts 17:10-11) on this as well as MY LESSON.

If you would like additional lessons (click on this link: SS Lesson Cross Reference), then email me the title and lesson date and I will respond to you with the appropriate lesson.

Lesson TitleScriptureLesson DatePDFDownloadAdditional Commentary
According To God's PromisesLuke 1:46-5512/25/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Luke 1:39-55
The Lord ProvidesGen 22:1-2, 6-1412/18/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Gen 22:1-24
A Promise To AbrahamGen 15:1-6,12-1812/11/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Gen 15:1-21
A Blessing for All NationsGen 12:1-912/04/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Gen 12:1-9
Facing Life Without WorryMatt 6:25-3411/27/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Matt 6:25-34
Praying as God's PeopleMatt 6:5-1511/20/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Matt 6:1-18
Loving as God's PeopleMatt 5:43-4811/13/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Matt 5:17-48
Forgiving as God's PeopleMatt 5:17-2611/06/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Matt 5:17-48
Living as God's PeopleMatt 5:1-1210/30/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Matt 5:1-16
Finding True LoveSong of Solomon 4:8-1610/23/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Song of Solomon 4
Growing Old With WisdomEccl 11:9-12:7,1310/16/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Eccl 11:7-12:8
Valuing True WisdomEccl 9:13-1810/09/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Eccl 9:13-10:20
Living an Ordered LifeProv 29:16-2710/02/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Prov 29
Wisdom and DiscernmentProv 25:1-1109/25/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Prov 25
Teaching ValuesProv 15:21-3309/18/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Prov 15
Making Wise ChoicesProv 4:10-2709/11/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Prov 4:1-13
Righteousness and WisdomProv 3:1-1209/04/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Prov 3:1-8
Caring for One AnotherRuth 4:1-1008/28/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Ruth 4
Empowering the NeedyRuth 2:8-1808/21/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Ruth 2
Choosing a CommunityRuth 1:1-1808/14/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Ruth 1
No Lesson for this weekJudges 13:1-2508/07/11NONENONECommentary on Judg 13:1-25
No Lesson for this weekJudges 10:10-1807/31/11NONENONECommentary on Judg 10:1-12:15
Let God RuleJudg 7:1-15;8:22-2507/24/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Judg 6:36-7:23
Commentary on Judg 7:23-8:32
Use God's StrengthJudges 3:15-3007/17/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Judges 3:5-31
Listen to God's JudgesJudges 2:11-1907/10/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Judges 2:6-3:4
Dealing with DisobedienceJoshua 7:1-2607/03/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Joshua 7
God Gives VictoryJoshua 6:1-2006/26/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Joshua 6
God Protects His PeopleJoshua 2:3-2406/19/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Joshua 2
God Has ExpectationsJoshua 1:7-1606/12/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Joshua 1
God Keeps His PromisesJosh 1:1-6;11:16-2306/05/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Joshua 1
Commentary on Joshua 11
Tree of LifeRev 22:1-905/29/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Rev 21:1-22:5
Commentary on Rev 22:6-21
All Things NewRev 21:1-805/22/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Rev 21:1-21
Thankful WorshipRev 7:9-1705/15/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Rev 7:1-17
Heavenly WorshipRev 4:1-1105/08/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Rev 4:1-11
Praise and SubmissionPhil 2:1-1105/01/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Phil 2:3-11:
Christ is RisenMatt 28:1-1704/24/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Resurrection
Praise The LordMark 1:1-1104/17/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Mark 11:1-25
Remember the WarningsJude 1:17-2504/10/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Jude
Remembering Jesus Christ2 Tim 2:8-1504/03/11PDFDownloadCommentary on 2 Timothy
Worship Inspires Service1 Tim 5:1-8, 17-2203/27/11PDFDownloadCommentary on 1 Timothy
Prepare For Leadership1 Tim 4:6-1603/20/11PDFDownloadCommentary on 1 Timothy
Qualifications for Leaders1 Tim 3:1-1303/13/11PDFDownloadCommentary on 1 Timothy
Worship Guidelines1 Tim 2:1-6; 3:14-1603/06/11PDFDownloadCommentary on 1 Timothy
Coming of the Son of ManMark 13:14-2702/27/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Mark 13
Jesus Came to ServeMark 10:35-4502/20/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Mark 10
Jesus is God's SonMark 9:2-1302/13/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Mark 9
Jesus is the MessiahMark 8:27-9:102/06/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Mark 8
Wounded for TransgressionsIsa 53:1-1201/30/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 53
The Servant's Mission in the WorldIsa 49:1-601/23/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 49
Reassurance for God's PeopleIsa 48:14-2201/16/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 48
Salvation for God's PeopleIsa 45:18-2401/09/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 44:24-45:25
God is Our RedeemerIsa 44:21-2601/02/11PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 44
God is With UsIsa 43:1-1212/26/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 43:1-13
The Mission of the ServantIsa 9:1-7; 11:1-812/19/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 9:1-7; 11:1-9
The Lord is Our GodIsa 41:1-2012/12/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Isa 41
No Lesson for this weekIsa 40:1-3112/05/10NONENONECommentary on Isa 40
God is All KnowingPs 139:1-2411/28/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 139
God Delivers and ProtectsPs 91:1-1611/21/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 91
God is ForeverPs 90:1-1211/14/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 90
God is AwesomePs 66:1-1211/07/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 66
God's Comforting PresencePs 63:1-1110/31/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 63
God's Rule over the NationsPs 47:1-910/24/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 47
God Provides RefugePs 46:1-710/17/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 46
God's Law SustainsPs 19:7-1410/10/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 19
God's MajestyPs 8:1-910/03/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Ps 8
God's Great PromiseExodus 34:1-1009/26/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Exodus 33:18-34:9
God's Hatred of IdolatryExodus 32:1-1009/19/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Exodus 32:1-14
God's Covenant with IsraelExodus 20:1-1109/12/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Exodus 20:1-7
Commentary on Exodus 20:8-11
God's Revelation to MosesExodus 3:1-1509/05/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Exodus 3:1-15
Upheld by GodActs 28:16-3108/29/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Acts 28:1-31
Growing in Joy and PeacePhil 4:1-1408/22/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Phil 4:1-9
Commentary on Phil 4:10-23
Living into the FuturePhil 3:7-1608/15/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Phil 3:1-8
Commentary on Phil 3:9-11
Commentary on Phil 3:12-16
Serving OthersPhil 2:1-1308/08/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Phil 2:1-4
Commentary on Phil 2:5-11
Sharing God's GracePhil 1:18-2108/01/10PDFDownloadCommentary on Phil 1:18-26

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